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Magna Energy & Hydro Systems is the leading supplier of high and ultra high pressure pumps, we also manufacture high and ultra high pressure pump units and a wide range of water jetting accessories including nozzles, water blasting guns, sewer cleaning nozzles, tube cleaning nozzles, humidification & fogging nozzles, process pumps and much more.
Based in Chennai, Magna Energy & Hydro Systems has established a large network of clients based in numerous industries all over India. We have different products and technology to provide high and ultra high pressure pumping systems for water blast applications. Built up from over 12 years of experience, we can design, manufacture, commission, service and provide complete spares for all types of high pressure pumps. We also manufacture the pumping system as per the custom requirement for different types of applications by various material of construction. Magna Energy & Hydro Systems will offer cost-effective and environmentally acceptable pumping systems.
If you need to solve a tough product removal or surface preparation, you're in the right place. Here you can browse through the industry's broadest range of high-pressure water jet pumps and accessories to find the best unit for your job. Lots of helpful application information is only a click away. You'll find photos and specs, of high-pressure water jetting.

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